Small Business Partnerships

Our first Partnership is with: Rise Performance & Health

RISE Performance & Health is an innovative physical therapy company that combines Health Coaching with Physical Rehabilitation to help you eliminate pain faster, achieve healthier movement, build strength, and grow a more resilient mindset that expands your potential. Dr. Stephanie Irwin, the founder, and owner of RISE Performance & Health is passionate about changing how our community invests in their health. She believes that when more of us invest in our health holistically, this creates a healthier, more giving world because we have a greater capacity to live at our best. Stephanie specializes in treating and preventing pain & injury among dancers, runners, lifters, active moms, and women struggling with incontinence or painful intercourse.

You can learn more about Dr. Stephanie and RISE at:

Members of Rival Fitness receive 20% 0ff of their first session. Email [email protected] if you have any inquiries

Holistic Coalition (HC) is a 20+ year combination of Carita Hall and Deon Abdullah’s efforts. We are two amazing licensed massage therapists, providing holistic care through the efforts of total mind and body wellness, beauty, and fitness. Through a shared interest in providing customer education, quality service, and community outreach, we use our collaborative network to provide a customized treatment plan delivering amazing results no matter the health barrier. Holistic Coalition (HC) offers a range of healthcare services that tackle mental health awareness, chronic pain issues, range of motion restrictions, rehabilitation after surgery or injury, weight loss, and environmental and occupational stressors.

you can learn more about Holistic Coalition at:


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