My mission is to challenge the status quo of what is means to be a personal trainer. To make strength training fun and exciting. To create confidence in the gym.

What I love about training is watching my clients progress. Not just in strength, but also the confidence they gain inside and outside the gym. I love creating friendships and a community through fitness.

I worked as a restaurant manager for years, but found my love for fitness and chose to pursue a coaching career. I started strength training in 2011 and have never looked back. I have been a Vegan for 26 years and enjoy breaking the stereotype that Vegans can’t build muscle.

I’m an avid road cyclist and recently started playing tennis. I enjoy going to concerts and I’m a fashion enthusiast. Plus I love finding new Vegan restaurants and food.
One of my favorite exercises is the Turkish Get Up. The get up is great because, it’s a full body strength exercise. It’s also good for balance, mobility and is great for shoulder stability.


W.I.T.S. certified professional fitness trainer. Currently working on my CES (corrective exercise specialist). Five years of personal training experience.

Jonathon Revelia

As a trainer, I strive to equip clients with the necessary tools they need to become the best and happiest version of themselves.

I excel in programming scalable workouts that focus on strength and endurance, while utilizing all aspects of one’s full range of motion. Through this method, any goal is attainable over time and allows the client to feel more in tune with their bodily functions.

Being an athlete my entire life, I am well-informed and exposed to the processes of creating a faster and stronger version of oneself. Along with this rich athletic history, through life challenges, I have experienced my own transformation mentally, physically, and spiritually; and take a holistic approach to health and wellness.

During my personal workouts, I maintain fully functional mechanics through ATG-style workouts, which involve work on joints and soft tissue (backwards sled pulls give me life). Recently, I found a new love for yoga – and it turns out I have been incorporating many of these postures and philosophies for years! This experience enables me to teach these scalable exercises to clients while assisting them with reaching their target weight and/or comfortability under the barbell.



Rene’ Bergeron

Hello! My name is Rene’ Bergeron. I’m looking for clients seeking to transform their lives through a commitment not only to the gym, but to all aspects of health and wellness. I am a retired US Army Staff Sergeant, with a certification in Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Management (NASM). After experiencing a car accident that I thought would cripple me forever, I’ve made my way back to a life of fitness. Prior to my car accident and enlistment within the Army, I was a high school varsity athlete, well on my way to performing at the college level.

Anything from rock climbing to bowling, I have restructured my life around a focus on fitness and healthy habits. My current focus is on weight training and bodyweight workouts/techniques. What I attributed as a moment to further educate myself, became my passion. I inform all clients that committing to their own mental and physical health is a marriage; a frightening and daunting quest to begin for some. However,  when you make something the center of your attention and a habit, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals!



Jesson Mata

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love” – St. Teresa of Kolkota
My approach to life and fitness has always revolved around the notion that whatever we do, however insignificant, should be done with utmost love. I joined Rival Fitness to contribute to the mission of inclusivity – that no matter who we are and where we come from, we should have the opportunity to flourish in a community where we are accepted and loved. To this end, I want my clients to feel that sense of belonging. I love what I do and I want to share that journey with every person I train.

What does that journey look like? It varies with each person, of course, but fundamentally, I am a mobility coach that focuses on these three pillars:

1. FORM – proper technique for injury prevention and movement optimization.
2. FUNCTION – practical movements to assist in daily life and activities.
3. FLEXIBILITY – enhanced range of motion to develop better movement.

These pillars are animated by my holistic approach to fitness: to connect the mind (both emotional and intellectual) to the whole of the body; and in so doing, achieve harmonious balance for optimal health.

I train my clients to become their own trainers, so I expect them to have the same standards I have for myself. In a given session, there will always be a lesson in technique, a challenge to overcome, and a goal to reach – but NEVER without fun and laughter!


Certification: Personal Training & Nutrition (NASM)
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
Master of Arts In Theology/Candidate: Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.

Sequoia Beaver

My goal as a Personal Trainer is to assist my clients in finding comfortability in their bodies and re-program their mindset regarding stigma’s established by society. As we navigate life/our day to day, we have to recognize that our bodies do so much for us, so returning the favor and staying (or getting) healthy is the least we can do.

My background and passion for fitness stems from a lifelong love of yoga. This ancient principle emphasizes the union of mind and body and allows individuals of all levels and walks of life, the ability to experience the benefits of physical activity, while exploring various aspects of range of motion. I’ve been a yoga instructor since 2019 and a gym rat since 2020, so I’m stoked to be both teaching and training here at Rival Fitness!

I am currently finishing up my master’s degree in Integrative Medicine and aspire to work within the realm of Holistic Wellness upon graduation. My extensive background allows me to combine aspects of strength training, mobility and range of motion, and Integrative Medicine to provide a holistic approach to training. My passion lies in not only educating myself, but others, on the importance of taking care of themselves, while living a more joyful life.

My favorite type of exercise is mobility work, focusing on stretching and working through a whole range of motion, combined with elements of strength/barbell training.


Yoga Group Exercise Certified